Thanks for a shot of positive this morning! In my Medium writing, which I generally do in the morning, I write about a lot of negative stuff, like the disaster happening in Florida, politics, etc. The words need to said and there are many readers for them. But my newsletter writing and things like your perspective help keep me balanced, which is a huge big deal! Gratitude…M

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Oct 7, 2022Liked by Sarah Lazarovic

Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for sharing this perspective. I really needed your post today to give me permission to focus on that which brings me joy and delight.

After a 40-year career as a Florida landscape architect, I'm done working for affluent property owners who are annoyed at the inconvenience and delays with their landscape projects, indifferent to the statewide impact of Hurricane Ian, which includes the wholesale nurseries that supply plants for their projects.

So today I chose to seek more joy and delight in my work. I resigned from a design project with a substantial fee. The clients aren't interested in lowering their carbon footprint, no matter what modest phased small improvements I recommended. In fact, they're going the opposite direction: more outdoor paving, more square footage. And they're impatient. It's sickening. I tried so hard, but it's simply not a project where I can even cultivate a shred of consciousness about their environmental impact, much less joy and delight.

As soon as I resigned, I felt a spark of joy creeping back into my heart. I'm FREE! from working for selfish folks who live in an artificial bubble. Now I can focus on working with people who really do care about their ecological impact, and feel joy and delight in the process of helping them.

Keep up the great work!

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