Love the idea of solarpunk. By the way, that shot of the treed Milanese residential tower reminds me of what's being built on King Street in Toronto by BIG: http://kingtoronto.com/

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Jan 22, 2021Liked by Sarah Lazarovic

Great post, Sarah. You mention we have been starved of beautiful inspiration. Too true! Perhaps related: When Bernie Sanders mittens memes took over the known universe, it reminded me of the delicious explosion of Ruth Bader Ginsberg memes. Today, I received yet another advert for RBG socks!

What spontaneous power is at work here, sparking these exuberant outbursts? I think it circles back to starvation. Yes, Sanders and Ginsberg (while not perfect) each reflect all-too-rare integrity in public service. But even that's not the point! They each symbolize and practice (or practiced) awesome AUTHENTICITY.

In politics, and perhaps even more generally, I think we are starved for authenticity. Most of the time, day to day, we forget we're starving, we're so normalized to our own unfilled need.

Then along comes the incredible Senator Mittens or RBG and suddenly, for a bright and shining moment, we remember our own humanity and gnawing need for authenticity.

Hey, Sarah, maybe you could write about this psycho-emo-cultural dynamic and the exhilarating meme-bursts it triggers now and then? Thank you!

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I LOVE THIS! I didn't know solarpunk existed! This is what I've been longing for!! Gah! Life changing!! thank you! All the excitement and exclamation points!

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Jan 24, 2021Liked by Sarah Lazarovic

This sounds like Star Trek-style eco-socialism and I love it!

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THIS IS AMAZING and we all need to see more of this!

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