Hi Sarah!

I love your newsletter! ❤️❤️❤️

And yes! This covid isolation has been so hard on the li’l younglins in ways we’re just beginning to realize. So cool that your daughter was playing in front of a buncho people. Very brave of her!

A little 14 year old friend of mine told me “Ani, you know that feeling you used to get the first couple minutes at a play date? All nervous and shy? Now that’s the way I feel all the time”

I hope pretty soon we can go back to feeling more like our good old friendly selves. With our fellow humans as a support to our challenge. ❤️

Big hugs! I hope one day we can get together you and me and Ben and Jason Rehel! It would be fun to have a play date for all of us 🥰

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Hi Sarah. Once again, your newsletter - and those fabulous illustrations – light up my day. FYI, I recently helped launch a new feature for BC Hydro's monthly newsletter that profiles the CO2 footprint of an anonymous B.C. household. Thought you may want to have a look and possibly share with readers. Here it is: https://www.bchydro.com/news/conservation/2022/carbon-emissions-profile.html

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