Absolutely! I find one of the best ways to keep myself afloat is to talk to other people about climate change. Telling stories is a terrific way to make meaning of difficult situations and there are few cultural situations more difficult than climate change. (I may have written an entire book on the subject so I could help myself keep afloat.) I also read about what other people are doing and find ways to connect to nature right in my neighborhood.

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Great letter, as always.

You are a beautiful wind under me, helping to lift my anxiety

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Sarah, love what you do. Your ideas and optimism are very helpful.

I wonder if there are ideas to be gained by looking at the success of people like Ralph Klein - I have this image of him visiting the pubs and the coffee shops - having the “common touch”. I think Tommy Douglas had that as well - they both seemed to somehow be trusted - to be “one of us”. I guess they were really good listeners, and observers.

I remember when the CCF (NDP) introduced Medicare in Saskatchewan and the American

Medical Association campaigned against it, his words were something like- nothing will change - you will see your doctor as before - the only difference will be that the Doctor will send the bill to government.

I remember another story - probably in the paper where he told the story of a mother applying for social assistance being compelled to remove her blouse to ensure that she was thin - that if she were fat, she obviously would not require financial help.

Maybe it is personal stories that move us?

During WW 2, people agreed to not waste anything.


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Best thing in my biweekly inbox. Thank you Sarah!

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Love the geezer groovin.'

(I also love alliteration. Full disclosure: I'm a card-carrying comrade in the Alliteration Alliance.)

p.s. "NEVER too late" reminds me: "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." It means whatever you want it to mean. See: dancing.

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Thnx for the reminder that we get more stuff done by working together and adding a little fun. I love how you bring humor to the serious climate fight. 😄

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Love that daddancer!

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